Software for price offers and production automation …
The BendiniPro calculation software offers the fabricator the opportunity to produce all of the necessary information to create attractive, clear and accurate proposals when tendering projects. BendiniPro generates a price proposal, order list, production schedule and can be used to automate production through computer links. The calculations are possible for all types of systems. Live data and software can be downloaded through the internet. BendiniPro is very complete but still modular and adaptable to each company’s needs.


  •  Easy input of elements for fast results

Input of all types of systems through simple and quick windows-dialogues.

  •  All data can be generated for internal or external views and can be changed during input

Accurate and orderly calculations, saving time and material Calculation and optimisation of cost price, sales price, order lists and cutting lists of profiles, accessories and glazing.

  •  Efficient integration in word processors for professional customer quotes

Based on the calculation you can automatically generate different types of documents and process them to the built-in Word processor or to Microsoft Word, Excel or any other word processor.

  •  Electronic ordering allows faster and faultless processing

Order lists are composed for the profiles, fixtures, hardware, insulation frames and glass. With the Electronic Ordering System (EOS) module you can forward order lists electronically to Bendini, which guarantees accurate and faster processing.

  •  Efficient assembly through state-of-the art work preparation

The work instruction provides you with a summarised form of how the individual items are to be assembled: every profile, each piece of glass and the hardware are all assigned to their individual assembly position. The possibility to transfer the result directly to the saw machine prevents errors when cutting.